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Aero Socks - Palms

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Aero socks are one of the most cost effective aero upgrades (and they look pro too). Unlike some others, ours do not feel stiff or bulky. These ones are also not a knit upper, but are instead a seamed solid fabric. The Palms collection gives you a tropical island feel every time you suit up. Bring Kona with you wherever you go.


• Textured fabric for optimized aerodynamic gain
• Rear seam to streamline airflow
• Thin & lightweight foot
• Inner cuff grippers
• Smooth and tight leg fabric
• Multiple sizes XS-XL for best fit
• If you measure between sizes: Size down for a shorter leg. Size up for a longer leg.



As with all performance apparel:

• Always wash your Alba gear in the provided wash bag. This will help keep other items from damaging it.

• Always hang dry your items as the heat and movement in a machine dryer will over time fade the colours and damage the elastic properties.

• Less detergent is better. The harsh chemicals in modern detergents can damage the elastic properties. The less you use the better. Or, use a detergent made for sports gear.

• Washing your items inside-out will also help protect the colourful outer side of the items.


Because these items are made just for you, we can only accept returns if there is a manufacturing defect (print mistakes, sewing errors, etc). If the item does not resemble the item you ordered, please send a photograph of the item to and we will remedy the issue right away. In most cases, a refund of the purchase price or a replacement item can be arranged.




We want to reduce the negative impacts of the clothing industry.

The fashion, textile and clothing industries are very dirty. We think things can be done cleaner, greener and make a better product for it.

No excess inventory:

Your products are only made once you order them. This means there is no warehouse space taken up holding them, and also, there are no leftover products at the end of a season. Less energy in manufacturing, less energy storing them and less energy trashing them.

Better products:

The best way to make a sustainable product is to make a product that will last and not need replacing. Our fabrics are made to perform well for their entire life, and we hope that life is long. With proper care, your items will take you through years of runs, swims, hikes and trips to the gym.

Local manufacturing:

Our products are made in a factory as close to you as possible. This reduces the impact of shipping long distances cutting emissions as much as possible. We also ship directly from the factory to you, eliminating several trips that a regular product would take.

Reduced packaging:

We try to do our best to minimize waste in packaging and source eco-friendly packaging materials. Many of our packaging materials are either recyclable or biodegradable. Bubble wraps are made from a minimum of 15% recycled plastic and 10% post-consumer content.

Healthy printing:

We use genuine Brother GT-3, water based pigment inks. GT-3 inks are CPSIA compliant and Oeko-Tex™ certified, which means they are safe to print on youth/children’s clothing and reduce environmental waste.


The vertical ribs of this sock upper acts as a disrupter that helps air flow over and around, giving an aerodynamic advantage. Aero socks alone can provide 3-5 watts savings.


A tight, next to skin cut ensures a close fit that eliminates any looseness. Taller socks also cover more skin and are faster. Seems are kept out of the wind to further benefit the aerodynamics.


These aero socks are so light you don't feel them at all. The foot is thin with a seamless knit and the upper is tight without being constricting. Unlike many aero socks, these will not cause discomfort.


    The clothing industry produces a lot of waste. We are doing what we can to make our sport a little greener.


    Our gear is made to a high standard, but does not give up anything to performance. We aim to have a balance of both.


    We are just a couple athletes making some cool kit and helping make the community a little brighter.

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Use the provided mesh bag when machine washing. This bag helps keep other clothing and the inside of the machine from damaging your item.


Our kits are designed to go together. Get the matching kit from head to toe. Be Bright. Be Bold.